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HTZSAFE focused on developing and producing solar wireless alarm system from 1996. With sharp market insight and strong R&D team, HTZSAFE has 45 long-term partners and lots of satisfied users all over the world.

HTZSAFE adapts solar technology to solve the issues of wiring and replacing batteries in the traditional security products; and adapts wireless transmission technology to make the installation and setup much more convenient.

"Innovation", never be a smooth road. HTZSAFE had solved thousands of technical challenges and obtained a number of technical patents. For example, how to make the outdoor solar alarm system works properly on rainy days and somewhere without any sunlight; how to make the built-in rechargeable batteries work properly in low temperature -40℃ and high temperature 70℃? Finally, HTZSAFE solar alarm system with its unique innovative ideas, stable and reliable quality to win the favor of users.

"More convenient, more efficient", HTZSAFE has been and will always on the road!


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